Why Your Dog Should Be Playing Sudoku Right Now

It's time to put your dog's intelligence to the test. We've got the perfect all natural dog toy for you. Dog' SUDOKU(R) Puzzle Game, the interactive puzzle that promotes your dog's natural instincts and his sense of smell! This is a fun way to stimulate his mind, challenge him and solve problems. It motivates your dog to get the prize—which is especially important for dogs living in large cities where long walks are difficult and impossible, senior dogs with ailments that do not allow them for prolong outings and those living in cold climates. It's also great for keeping your pet mentally active while he exercises. Dog' Sudoku is a game that promotes and stimulates dogs' natural instincts. There are two slots in each gameboard where you can place treats. As your dog moves tiles, he finds his reward—yummy biscuits!
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