The Natural Pup Is Setting The New Standard For Environmentally Friendly Dog Products

Pets have become an important part of our lives—and the most significant environmental impacts are associated with the food for meat-eating pets, a product category that contributed at least 64 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually as of 2017. That's roughly the equivalent of the impact from 13.6 million passenger vehicles!

Eco-friendly pet food is on the rise as dog owners become more aware of the impact of their beloved pet's diet. A recent report found that 73 percent of consumers said they want to reduce the impact that they personally have on the environment.

Consumers are beginning to consider the environmental impact of their pets as they do for themselves. Many dog toys are made of plastic, which can be both harmful to your dog's health and also to the environment. Pet food is estimated to be responsible for a quarter of the environmental impacts of meat production, such as greenhouse gases, phosphates and pesticides.

That's why many of our treats are plant-based, all natural and certified organic! Our toys feature recycled plastic water bottles—upcycling at its finest!

As an animal welfare advocate and pet lover, I prioritize feeding our pets high quality and tasty food and treats. My hope is that The Natural Pup will help birth the next generation of pet parents who will make conscious decisions every day in how we take care of our pets and our planet.

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