How Playing With Your Dog Can Also Help Clean The Environment

We've been lovers of dogs and the environment for a long time, but this year we realized we could do more: we could use our love of dogs to help clean up the environment!

Spunky Pup has been the leader in innovation, sustainability and quality products for 20+ years. Our product line has grown to include toys in multiple categories, including Glow in the dark, Flashing, Tough, USA-made, Eco-Friendly/Sustainable and Organic Cotton toys, Interactive, Launching & Flying, and Plush.  We supply products to everyone, near and far! Including 1000’s of independent pet stores around the world. Our goal is to continue to expand our product offerings to meet the needs of our retail partners, consumers…and of course, Spunky Pups everywhere!

Now you can help remove waste plastic from the environment … one toy at a time! Clean Earth plush toys are made from 100% Recycled plastic water bottles, including the fabric, stuffing, binding and thread. Each toy redirects waste from up to 9 plastic water bottles from ending up in oceans.


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